Devotion 2016-06-02

Shalom I wish you a blessed and special day. One day you’re doing a lot of nice experiences with the Lord!

Hebrews 13: 17  (New Geneva translation 2011)

Listen to the leaders of your community and follow their instructions! For they watch over you’like shepherds over entrusted to them Herde` and will even have to give an account of their service to God. Behave so that their job they love to and that they have no reason to sigh, because that would not be to your advantage.

Be Responsible and shepherd represents example of the believers! God has given his church spiritual laws of life that we have to observe. This implies that the Lord relies of his community people he imposed a special level of responsibility and which it can transmit the guidance of his community.

Be Responsible and shepherd means to be a model in faith and preachers of the Word of God. But it also includes the need to be, to have to pass before God for the people entrusted accountable. As pastor is your way of life a visible faith, the other to see you as a believer lives in this world. How you deal with problems and difficulties. You are in this position, always under the microscope, find your mistakes more attention in the community, as the mistakes of others. Not only God will demand of thee computing sheep, no, the church calls here on earth already an account from you. You will make the experience that your mistakes quickly visible and heavy weigh, like your good deeds.

But there is also in the municipality for the individual no increased responsibility without the people concerned an increased level of authority is granted. Therefore, the leaders can claim to obey the church members; Right fraternal order and subordination affects not only the present situation of community conducive out, but it is a blessing for everyone involved, extends into eternity.

If you want your pastors and assist the person in charge, then make thee under joyfully. not to make experiments you with him on the same level, because it carries more responsibility. Pray for him at all times and support him in public housing. Note, however, that you check again with reference to the Bible, because your Shepherd is a human and humans are all Fehlbar.

Pray for the leaders and shepherds in the belief that they always lead you right and help you to grow in faith.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

Pastor Lionheart (Thorsten Wurm)

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