song… and prayer

A song on YouTube which I like:

what is your greatest thing or goal in your life?… is it just all about money, family, house, carrier etc. the great I AM is God Almighty and not the little I AM we want to be… we are allowed to die to self.

this is a beautiful song and a prayer as well… to know him takes time… to love HIM… keep his commandments and love those in need of Jesus the Messiah… not just a nice feeling but a decision as well… to serve HIM… you have to die to yourself and follow HIM with all your strength even when HE allows you to suffer for the Gospel… Holy Spirit please help us to fulfil this… we need extra Grace… thank you ABBA father for sending you son for us… thank you Jesus for dying for us… thank you holy Spirit for helping us…

please take time to listen to this song above… try to find a quite place where you can enjoy his presence…
shalom from Germany… sends Sabine


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