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T a s k

Two teachers talked to each other about an exam written by their students, and one of them said:
“One of my students did a very good job – but she missed the topic completely and did not answer the question. She has treated something else that would have been worth a smooth 1 in performance, but due to the other assignment, I could only rate this work with the best of 4. ”
The student complained to the teacher about the apparent injustice, then he explained the facts to her.

What tasks has God set you? His instructions are very accurate … have you met them – partially, – completely or maybe not at all?
My husband always says, “The devil’s favourite piece of furniture is the long bench,” meaning you shove things before you that you know you should do.
There is a lot of truth in the saying: Tomorrow, tomorrow just not today, all lazy people say … (it is a saying in German… may be the same in English)

Not that you are lazy … You are already doing so much for our Lord – but are you also doing what He has told you? Diligence in the kingdom of God means doing the right thing, not just something – that’s called employment and it’s often just self-deception.
God has a vocation for your life, so to speak, an exclusive divine plan entirely for you personally!
Our job is to identify this plan and find out what His will is for me in my environment; Who does Jesus want to reach through me, why am I created?
We often suffer from identity loss and run around depressed. We have doubts, seek advice from all kinds of people and finally find ourselves in complete confusion. Completely confused, we try desperately to maintain the balance between a divine and a secular lifestyle.
At the same time, Jesus says in two Bible passages:

Matthew 6:24 and Luke 16:13
You can not serve God and Mammon.

Decide today who you want to serve! Who is your master? Who is allowed to decide about you?
God is no one who abuses you or gives you instructions that you can not fulfil. Sometimes it seems hard to carry out the tasks He gives you. It costs you effort, belief, overcoming, effort … maybe you are just afraid of it. Joyce Meyer, a well-known American Bible teacher, once said: “… then do it afraid!” Meaning if He tells you something, do it, be obedient, even if you’re scared!
said… than do it afraid!…meaning, if He says something to you, do it, be obedient, even if you are afraid!
You can do many things for God that are good and praiseworthy – but ask yourself:
“Is that what HE wants me to do?” Everything else is just religious, it may satisfy (calm) for a brief moment – but it is not His will for you!
To find this out, you need a very personal relationship with God, which in turn can only be built up through the dedication and time you spend with Him. The first and most important step is to invite Jesus as your Saviour and Lord into your heart. If you’ve never done that,
just say this prayer:

Thank you Jesus for dying for me on the cross of Golgotha. Thank you for forgiving me of all my sins. Thank you for loving me and sacrificing your life for me. Please, Lord Jesus, come into my heart and be my Lord. I want to follow you!
Amen, amen!
The Lord needs you, you are his body here on earth … your mind may receive in prayer and your body may perform its will through obedience, humility and overcoming power.
Ask yourself again today, Lord, what is my task for you here on earth, where have I deviated or am I living in sin? … where have I left the first love for you? … grant me grace of repentance, please have an attitude worthy of me of your crucifixion death.

The Bible challenges us to judge ourselves, which means … to question ourselves again and again, am I still right or have I left your path and am travelling on paths that cause only dead ends or even suffering to me and others. Often our heart is cold and
It has become indifferent … it is all about our own problems, needs, worries … our own family is more important to us than anything else. But what about his family? … God’s children who need you and your help and prayers?
or people without even knowing the LOVE of Christ for them…
… the sins of omission … In the end times, love cools down, says the Scriptures … let us be honest with ourselves today … is our heart really filled with the love of Christ? …

He loves you … but also wants you to love others …

some of us need to learn to love again… according to Revelation 2:3-5

shalom Sabine Hagel


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