Heavenly healing

Do you believe that Jesus died for you so you can have eternal life, that he took away your sins, the punishment of it, that he paid the price so you can enter into a divine relationship with the father, abba… do you believe that when you confess him as Lord you are saved?… do you believe that he loves you and …. and what is very important…

do you believe that HE took your sickness away?… that he wants to heal you perfectly, not only your body, but also your mind and the condition of your heart?… well most of us say a spontaneous yes… I do, because we have heard it many times in sermons, we have seen miracle services, we read about it in the bible, we want to believe, but it seems we cannot receive personally… we wish, we think, we feel… may be we go through years of disappointments and finally we are hopeless… run from one doctor to the other, one more pill, one more side effect etc.

let me tell you my friend in Jesus… medicine and doctors are good ways to receive healing, but sometimes this does not really help. Often we just kill the symptoms. Pain relieve !!! for our body, but what when your soul and heart and mind is wounded, broken etc. – than we run to psychologists or when we are very devotional we go to  ministers and pastors.  Sometimes this can help, but what if this is not the way for your relieve, healing and lack of love either…

These few words are meant to encourage you again… JESUS your healer and your great physician, JESUS the lover of your soul, JESUS the answer for your troubles and despair.

I believe that the channel to receive a personal healing, a miracle etc. is FAITH, well most of us think we have no faith, but this is a lie We just need to activate it again. But how?  FAITH has nothing to do with our thoughts, our emotions and bad experiences, it has a lot to do what we speak, the words we say are powerful, life and death is in the power of the tongue. When we start to discipline our mouth with good words about the promises of a good GOD and healing scriptures and stop the negative we will see results. For most of us this is not easy… but the only way to receive. It is a decision.


yes he loves you, yes he wants to heal you, yes he draws you into his loving arms… RUN to HIM… seek HIM, pray to HIM, spent time in the word again!… he will lead you out of your misery…

heal me – Jason Upton

Prayer: Father in Jesus name, I want to thank you for encouraging me to believe in your goodness and love for me and my family again. Thank you, that your son Jesus died for my sicknesses and sins. Thank you for forgiving my sins, addiction, negative words, wrong eating habits etc. I want to adjust my life style under your leadership again. I want to start my faith journey today. Help me through the presence of your Holy Spirit in my life. Grant me grace to do my part. Thank you so much for strength to do your will. Yes father, one more time I want to say, your will be done in me and around me… your will is good for me!