Devotion 2016-12-14

Shalom I wish you a blessed and peaceful day. Enjoy from the heart that you are a beloved child of God. No one, no man, no power of darkness can ever separate you from his love. No matter what, no matter what happens, always remember God loves you!

Does not the potter have power?

Romans 9: 21-23
Has not the potter power over the tone of making the same mass of one vessel into honor, and the other to dishonor?
But if God, when he was to show his wrath and proclaim his might, bore with great patience the vessels of anger, which were made to perish, so that he might also reveal the riches of his glory in the vessels of mercy which he had previously sent to glory

Paul argues that God is sovereign, ie Has the power and authority that can and can do what he wants and can use certain people for specific purposes without having to justify himself against anyone. God the Almighty who created the whole world in a word, “everything was made” because God said. Who are you human and who is God? In a word, God can release you from all your problems and temptations. But whether this is meaningful, even he can answer, for he alone sees the whole, he sees why things are as they are.

You must not understand that God has no moral principles in his dealings with individuals and peoples. His character is characterized, among other things, by holiness, i. Purity, perfection; Perfection and separation from evil and absolute justice. God’s essence is not determined by deficient human wisdom, but by his own perfect love (Jn 13:16), his mercy (Ps 25: 6), his righteousness (that is, character purity and truth) and his compassion (Ps 111, 5).

Whoever interprets the verses Romans 9, 6-29 in such a way that God arbitrarily chooses some people for salvation and others for condemnation has completely misunderstood this section. The subject of predestination often raises the question of whether God has already determined in advance, who will be saved, and who will spend eternity with him, and who will be condemned and exiled forever from his presence. In other words, God has already decided who is in heaven and who is going to hell? The Bible clearly demonstrates that God is omniscient (Ps 44, 22, 139, 1-6, 147, 5) and he is actively involved in the life of man and of the world he created (Acts 17, 26-28). However, the Bible clearly speaks of the fact that people themselves can decide whether to spend eternity with him or not depends on this decision (Deuteronomy 19:19, Jos 24:15, Joh 3, 36, 5, 40; , 9). Even if God knows all the different possibilities, and he knows how a particular situation will evolve, it does not mean that it influences the outcome. God knows what has been in the past and what is going to happen in the future, and yet that does not mean that God himself is guiding everything he sees, including our decisions and actions.

God has created you with a free will, so that you can make your own choices (Gen 2, 16). Therefore, you and all people are also responsible for their own final decisions and the resulting consequences (Mt 12, 36; Rom 14, 12; Hebr4, 13).

The “vessels of wrath” are people who are on the path of eternal damnation. To such a vessel of wrath, we are served by his own sinful deeds and his rebellion against God, as Paul has said in a previous passage. “With your stupor and your impenitent heart you will raise your wrath, for the day of wrath, in which God’s righteous judgment will be revealed” (Rom 2: 5). Nevertheless, this section mainly deals with God’s mercy.

The “vessels of wrath” (i.e., God’s opponent) can still do buses, i. Admit their rebellious ways, turn away from them, turn to God and receive His grace, just as you have chosen one from your free will for Jesus Christ and have received His grace. Be aware of this grace always from the whole heart and always keep a thankful heart, thankfulness for what God has done for you, doing and doing. Gratitude always preserves you from arrogance and preserves a humble heart.

You are a “vessel of mercy” if you trust and follow Jesus Christ (Rom 9: 24-33). Go his ways, which he has paved for your life. Make your ways to your ways, then you are a “vessel of mercy” Maranatha.

Numbers 6: 24-26
May the Lord bless you and keep you.
Let the Lord shine upon thee, and be merciful to thee.
The LORD lift up his face upon you, and give you peace.

Your Pastor Thorsten Wurm (Lionheart)

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