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…through prayer we approach God… and we approach through thanksgiving, praise, and worship see Psalm 100… we give thanks that we are allowed to come at all in Jesus’ name, that his death on the cross has cleared the way to the throne of grace of a kind Father… yesterday I read an article about the Jewish understanding of prayer, which made me think a lot… the Hebrew word for prayer is tefillah…. it consists of three times of prayer…. morning, noon and evening…the rabbis emphasize that this is more about palal which means to judge and adjudicate. Consequently, praying conveys the sense of judging oneself: thus, the very meaning of prayer – tefilah…. OUR TRANSFORMATION !!! Not God changes through prayer, man cannot influence him like a lawyer can influence the judge, but man himself changes. So we don’t come with the attitude “I want to stay as I am but with the attitude, Lord, I need a change of mind, my lifestyle and heart attitude must adapt to You and not with constant self-satisfied requests. I believe this is called humility and reverence, to be aware that without God the Father and His standards which the Bible clearly describes, we cannot find real life and fulfillment. This means that prayer is the means God gave man to change himself, so that he can establish a new relationship with God and thus find a new purpose for his life.

Shalom Sabine

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