this is probably one of the most painful wounds we experience in our lifetime. 
There is no natural pill or cure for it. There are people who can say -
well, they do not like me, but this is their problem not mine. But most of us suffer
and find all kinds of strategize to cover the pain or run away... what really does not
bring any results or healing at all. A few years ago I cried out to the Lord...
i cannot take it anymore... the answer was this: Sabine, those who reject you 
are not worth knowing you. 
Most of the rejection we suffer from is because we never went to the one who can
really heal... there is hope and abundant love for us... in JESUS our savior. 
The Father, son and Holy Spirit will NEVER reject you. 
You are loved and accepted - and not only this... you are adopted as his beloved 
child when you received Jesus as your savior. We just need to go to the true healer 
and ask him to take the pain out. Because when we are rejected we feel like 
not worthy to be loved, or second class and may be you already are in that place 
of self hatred. You do not have to be perfect or extra holy to experience 
what Jesus did for you on the cross of Calvary. He took all the evil on himself 
so we can receive all the good the father has for us.

This is the time to pray... draw me ABBA into your loving arms. 

Do not run away my child... do not cover your sin in shame and pain. 



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