90 : 10 wisdom

 biblical wisdom how to handle finances

 * for 90 % of the money we are allowed to have we need wisdom to be good stewards. For months now i try to find out more about that very important subject and what the bible has to say or better wisdom from GOD.

Until now the Lord showed me this. And I want to encourage you to read the bible and find out for yourself if this is a good way to handle money.

the 6 ” S “

S ome S ave – put it aside for a special purpose or for something unknown what can happen

S ome S ow – give it as an offering into other ministries – let it out of your hands – let it go and grow

S ome S pent – for your personal lifestyle – use it more for what you need and not what you want and try to stay away from unnecessary debt. Do not participate in the wickedness of the end times…making money and wasting it.

* 10 % of your first fruit – the income before the tax belongs to GOD – you honor the Lord

Read the bible – may the Lord bless you while seeking truth, understanding and wisdom. Also want to encourage you to pray and ask HIM to show you what you should change. No head knowledge has a positive effect – just simple obedience. Not easy but possible when we surrender more and more to the will of the father… may you be blessed so you can be a blessing.

shalom Sabine

May the Lord bless you while seeking truth.


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