Devotion 2016-08-03

Shalom I wish you a blessed and loving day. Everything emanates from you, to you and the others become a blessing!

1 John 5, 16

If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin not unto death, he shall ask, and He will give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death; that you should ask for such, I do not say!

Pray for your brother!

It is a peculiar tension in the set. It concerns with the brother to a “sin which does not lead to death,” but “life be given” to him must. That’s the word according to a contradiction. But in this conflict the seriousness of sin is clear.

Actually brings every sin as such death.

But now a brother for what has become Guilt may occur, and there is spared her life anew. It refers to the “eternal” life in communion with God, the danger of losing through his sin his brother.

“He” will give him life.

This can only be God, who does and can do. But since God in taking our request with its action, the “he” also refer to the petitioner, as it actually requires the sentence structure. The Ernst in intercession standing may know, “he” is thus the brother’s life because he also “the request has” (1 John 5:15), which he wore before the erhörenden God.

For erhörlichen prayer clarity and certainty is needed about the will of God; had spoken of the Apostles. Can I, in view of a fallen brother in debt no longer be sure, that does not lead his sin to death, so my intercession of solid ground is withdrawn. God can then be sure to save in spite of our lack of intercession a brother whom we saw already lost. That is only his cause.

Pray earnestly and joy for your brother and let guide you by the Spirit of God and lead, then all your prayers will be visible.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

your pastor Lionheart (Thorsten Wurm)

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