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Shalom .... believe this is a balanced teaching about finances... enjoy and be blessed 

Today we want to turn to an important topic. Money and what the Bible says, God's word for it. 
What is right, what is wrong, what attitude do we have or better should we have, and how can we serve the Lord and His kingdom and thereby provide ourselves with the platform for God's blessing. 
 I studied a few days ago, the little book by Joyce Meyer "Orderly Finance" and would like to pass on some passages.

MONEY is nothing BAD ... - the love of money is bad!

What do you think the money would say if it could talk? How about that:

"I'm depressed and sad because I'm tired of people abusing me, using me for wrong purposes, arguing, stealing, lying, cheating, and committing crimes because of me. For most divorces, I get the blame. 
I'm tired of fighting greed all the time. You hoard and waste me. People think I stand for their safety - but I do not do that at all. So they pretend I am God. But I'm certainly not. 
I just wanted people to know how much good they can do to me, if only they were right with me and how blessed their lives could be.

I believe God demands that we be good stewards of our financial resources. We have to make sure that the money does not push God out of our lives. At any time, he must be our first priority. 
I think God is paying attention to how we use our money. What we definitely need to keep in mind is ... that the hand of the diligent one makes you rich (Proverbs 10: 4). 
Many people in our day have the feeling that they are entitled to certain things. They do not see that they should wait to earn them.
Money has a lot of power and can pull people in the wrong direction. It does mean, however, that we must strive to never take a wrong attitude or allow money to dominate us. 
Never use people to get money or things, but be determined to use money for the blessing of others. Rich people can do a lot of good for society if they want to.
The law of gradual growth

As long as the earth lasts, sowing and harvesting, frost and heat, summer and winter, day and night should not stop (Genesis 8:22).

He who sows on his flesh (lower instincts, sensuality) will reap corruption from the flesh ... (Galatians 6, 8)

Give, and it will be given to you: a good, firm, shaken, and full measure will be poured into your lap. For with the same measure with which you measure (if you do good to others), you will also be forgiven. (Luke 6, 38)

Does God want people to be well? ...

In Psalm 118: 25 we read a courageous prayer of the psalmist, in which he exclaims that the Lord may now send him wealth. That sounds like he needed a breakthrough quickly. 
Have you ever prayed like this? In Psalm 35:27, the Bible says that God enjoys the well-being of his people.

wait with a good attitude

    be never greedy, do not over-train your thinking on money or material possessions (1 Timothy 3, 8)
    Do not Love the World or Things in the World (1 John 2:15)
    we must never by questionable methods come to money or material goods. Rather, we should work hard and learn to deal well with what we have. (1 Timothy 3, 3)
    respect the money, never waste it (John 6:12)
    be grateful for what you have while waiting for what they want (Philippines 4, 6)
    trust God and do not let them unsettle you if things do not happen when you want (Proverbs 3: 5)
    Never be jealous or envy of what someone else has (Proverbs 14, 30)

The good, God-pleasing attitude while you wait, shows that you are ready to move forward.

How we should consider money ...

We should consider money as a tool or equipment to be a blessing to others. Riches Do not Provide Real Security (Proverbs 11: 4) Even as our wealth increases, 
it is unwise to focus on it (Psalm 62:11). In effect, money can not convey true happiness unless we serve God with it. It gives me great pleasure to help relieve the pain of other people.
Paul told the Ephesians that they should work with their own hands so that they had enough to give to others, see Ephesians 4:28.

According to the Bible, GIVING is more blessed than TAKING. So while they ask God to help you prosper, you should also be careful to learn to become a committed donor.
How does God relate to people who are in debt? ...

I do not think that having debts is a sin that causes one to lose salvation. But it's not the smartest lifestyle either. 
Those who really want financial security should force themselves to save thirty percent of their available funds. Whenever you lend something, you are already spending the fortune of tomorrow today. - 
But what will happen tomorrow? Only responsible use of credit cards ensures that they do not get you in trouble. That means they should never buy something they can not pay for. 
Greed is the deepest root of many debts. We have to be patient enough to wait for things - then we will be able to enjoy them all the more. Credit cards allow people to fulfil their wishes on the spot, 
but I do not believe that people can enjoy what they have in this way, as if they had to wait a while and save for it. It does not hurt to buy anything, on the contrary, it usually feels good. But does it still work if the credit card statement is in the mailbox?

According to God's word, the lender is a servant or slave to his master, see Proverbs 22: 7. Never forget that Jesus died so that we would enjoy freedom and not live in bondage.


Work, give, save and spend

It is important that we learn to work, give, save and spend within our current capabilities. If you apply a bit of discipline now, you will save a lot of pressure and trouble later on. 
God wants you to be fine and blessed. But he does not want to be responsible for extras that can take their time as well. Now you may ask what about a house or a car.. Is it al right to finance such large expenditures with loans? ... 
Most will not be able to handle such costs without credit. But you should always complete the financing in such a way that the day is foreseeable in which they will have settled their debts and can continue to live without debt.

you can be debt-free if you only do everything. Start praying for it.

God can be exuberant, overflowing, and giving over everything we hope, ask, or dare to see, see Ephesians 3:20.
Be courageous in your requests and passionate in giving.

To be continued ... shalom


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