Humble Spirit

Dear brothers and sisters,

how happy and useful could we be for God if we took this teaching to heart:

Galatians 6 Verse 3 For if one thinks he is something, since he is nothing, he is deceiving himself.

But How many lessons are needed in this regard in the lives of a believer. But our Lord and Master is a patient teacher. In his school, although the classes often have to be repeated because the learning goal has not been achieved, but to be expelled from school, that’s not the case with HIM. Diotrephes, he wanted to be the first among the believers.. Did this man still recognize how worthless his actions were, without the Lord’s approval and blessing? For when we think we are something, since we are nothing, we deceive ourselves. As the Bible Word above teaches us.

King Saul at first found himself in a low position because he came from one of the smallest tribes of Israel, and was born into a family that was the least among all the families of the tribe of Benjamin. But after Saul was elevated to kingship, he meant to be something. As a result, he was characterized by self-confidence, need for recognition, disobedience, foolish behavior, inertia and much more. In spite of all power and splendor Saul remained in the eyes of God a nothing. He died ungraciously at the hands of the enemies of God. In contrast, Jacob, who learned the lesson in the school of God, and became by the grace of God from the troublemaker to the blessing bringer. It took him some time to realize this: I am too little of all the kindnesses – Genesis 32 verse 11. He ended his long and varied life as a worshiper of God. Gideon, the poorest and the youngest knows about his own inability, he did not think he was something, God tells him: I will be with you – Judges 6 verse 16. And give him the task of saving Israel from the hand of his enemies.

Moses or Saul, too, who became Paul, are examples of true humility, dear ones, so even as born-again Christians we do not want to forget that we are nothing in ourselves. We have to learn that in the school of God. This learning does not stop until we are with the Lord. Praise and thank him for what he makes us. Do not be like the prodigal son who ran away and wanted to be independent and fulfill the lust of the flesh and finally ended in a pitiful lifestyle, hungry, poor, like a sinner. . But stay in the house of the Father and in His presence, even if He chastises you, for He loves every son, every daughter, every child.

Our Father loves unity… may He grant us a humble spirit… may HE grant us the grace to forgive each other quickly… and may HE help us to surrender our lives to the truth, we find in the bible.

Psalm 133

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