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Devotion 2017-09-14

Shalom I wish you a blessed and successful day. God wants to bless you in a powerful way, give you to him completely. Praise and praise his wonderful name, thank him for all he has done for you, will do!

For peace you find in Jesus Christ!

Luke 2:27-32
And he came upon the Spirit's drive into the temple. And when the parents brought the child Jesus to deal with him according to the custom of the law,
He took it upon his arms, praised God, and said,
Now, sir, you release your servant in peace according to your word!
For my eyes have seen your salvation,
Which thou hast made for all the nations,
A light for the illumination of the heathen, and for the glorification of your people Israel!

This time Simeon did not, according to his habit, come to the holy place, where he always liked to be so, but an irresistible impulse seized him to hurry to the temple at this hour. The leadership of Simeon by the Holy Spirit is still quite Old Testament. The Spirit dwells not (immanently) within him as in you, when Jesus Christ is your Lord, but comes up from case to case and over him as a power that urges him. Always give yourself up to the guidance and guidance of the Holy Spirit, listen to what He has agreed with you. Break with old habits when the Spirit of God leads you differently. Sometimes you will not be able to grasp it with your human mind as the Spirit wants to lead you, but trust him, for it is the God who leads you, he will lead you right.

When the three poor people (Mary, Joseph, and the Jesuskindin) entered the temple of Jerusalem, nothing attracted the attention of the bystanders who were standing there, listening to the teachings of the Pharisaic teachers, or trading in the court of the heathen. Every day many mothers came to the purification sacrifice and the sacrificial sacrifice of their firstborn. The small group really deserved no particular attention. It was simply a happening in the normal course of the day, as well as it is normal for you to worship your Lord in a church and to raise your wonderful name in praise, you will not attract any particular attention either. If you do this however in a shopping day you will attract attention.

But on that very day there was a man in the forecourt, who could see more deeply than the others, and could perceive what was hidden from the multitude. With holy reverence, Simeon heads the Holy Spirit and looks at the child. Then it is revealed to him, it becomes to him the blessed certainty: This little child is He! And Simeon took it upon his arms. Who could deny it to the old man? And praise God. It must have been a profound sight when the old man bent over the child. He does not fondle and kiss, as our own child would cuddle and kiss, this famous and feared Dutschi Dutschi comes to mind. Reverence forbids him to do with this child, how to deal with other children.

What glow may have passed over the old face! Simeon has achieved what he has longed for and hoped for. His heart is dissolved in divine joy. All his patience, his perseverance in the Lord was confirmed and rewarded, the Jesus child was born and lay before him. Harre in your prayers and your faith, he will be confirmed and rewarded. Not at your time, but at his time, he fixes the time because he knows exactly when the right moment is.

In Simeon we see the image of the Israel who came to fulfill his special mission, for salvation was to come from the Jews. “Lord, now you will leave your servant in peace.” Simeon stands as one who wants to rise in the paths of eternity. With this “Nun” he dissolves from this earth. With his bodily eyes, he only saw a little child. But with his Beloved Beloved, he saw in this child the eternal salvation of God, a wonderful mystery. You also have to look with your spiritual eyes, not only with your physical. For your spiritual vision shows you the way that you should go, with your spiritual look you see the salvation and have hope in every life situation. Look at God and not at your living conditions, for with your gaze on God you are victorious over all circumstances and are still so bad and negative.

Now Simeon has enough. Now he has peace. All his worries about the future of his people and all the pressure that still weighed on his soul because of the dark present are taken from him. Now he does not want anything more. His service is over. “Now, O Lord, release thy servant,” or, translated it differently, “Lord, now thou excite thy servant, and in peace, according to thy pledge.”

His peace is not found in his works, but in the fact that he has Jesus and his salvation. Even your peace is in Jesus Christ, never will you find peace in your works. Jesus Christ gives you his peace, he has overcome the world for you. He tells you: “In the world you are afraid, but be confident I have overcome the world.” Trust in him, trust him and follow him, then the peace of God will fill you forever, Maranatha.

God’s protection, blessings and peace
Your Pastor Thorsten Thiem (Lionheart)

Devotion 2017-09-13

Shalom I wish you a blessed and peaceful day in the arms of Jesus. The love of God should rest in your heart and fill your surroundings with peace, the peace of God.

Consecrate yourself to the Lord!

Luke 2:22-24
And when the days of their cleansing were finished according to the law of Moses, they brought him to Jerusalem, to represent him to the Lord,
As it is written in the Law of the Lord: "All male firstborn shall be called holy to the Lord,
And to offer a sacrifice, as commanded in the law of the Lord, a couple
Turtle doves or two young pigeons.

Two acts were performed on the basis of the law here, one of the purification sacrifices which should be offered to the mother (Luke 22:24), and the representation of the child as the firstborn (Luke 2:23).
A mother, according to the law, when she had given a life to a boy, was forty days unclean. During this time she had to stay at home and was not allowed to enter the temple. This ritual impurity was a testament to the fact that all men are born in sin. The consciousness of sin should be kept alive (Genesis 3: 10-16). Also, keep in mind that you are a sinner and are sanctified only by God. Only through Jesus Christ can you wash your sins, always forgiveness of your sins, then you will keep your humility before the Lord.

Mary could have said in her act of cleansing: “Am I at all unclean when the miracle of the birth of Jesus happened? Mary, however, had no such thoughts. As a servant of the Lord, she walks modestly, and obediently, the way prescribed for every woman to be a beggar: the way to the purification sacrifice. And just through this path of obedience into the temple of Jerusalem to bring the purification sacrifice, she prepares that the Christ as the Lord and Savior be recognized and praised by Simeon and Hannah. Do not ever think of you, I have not compelled you, I do not have to do penance and ask for forgiveness of my sins, because through Jesus Christ I am free, but always ask forgiveness of your daily guilt Load
The sacrifice of the poor was a pair of doves, a dove for the fire-offering, the other as a sin-offering. The rich had to bring a lamb for the sacrifice, while for the sacrifice a dove was enough for the rich (Leviticus 9: 9). The Lord demanded the sanctification of the male birth of Israel for the sake of having spared them when he struck the firstborn of the Egyptians. In the firstborn all the people were beaten by the Egyptians, spared by Israel (although it was also due to death). Israel should be aware of the fact that it is only through free grace that the people of God are. Therefore it should sanctify the firstborn to the Lord, and in the firstborn himself as a people. Be also aware that you have been saved by free grace, by the grace of God.
This sanctification was called “representation,” and indicates that the child was consecrated to the Lord and given to the service of the temple.
But the firstborn was relieved of this service by the Lord’s acceptance of the Levites as a substitute for the firstborn, so that she might have assumed the priestly service instead of the firstborn, so that they should perform the priestly ministry instead of the firstborn (Ex ). But in order to keep the consciousness of the right of God alive in the heart of the people, God set a ransom for every first-born. The purchase price was 5 shekels (4Mo3, 47 and 18, 16, see also Mk11, 15).

Joseph has paid the payment of five shekels, which is about 10 euros, to the temple. To earn 20 euros, a craftsman like Josef had to work forty days.

Although Jesus is solved here, like every Israelite child from his priesthood, he has presented himself to God as if he were not resolved. In him and with him, as in the shadow, so on Golgotha, in essence and in truth, all his consecrated brethren are sanctified to God, and as their own possessions are a kingdom of pure priests. This is the New Testament fulfillment of the Old Testament ceremony.

Just as Joseph and Mary went to the temple to bring Jesus to the Lord (Num. 18:15), all the parents should earnestly consecrate their children to God, and give themselves to raise them to God’s glory. They should continually pray for the fact that, from the beginning to the end of each child’s life, they give themselves to Christ and honor him by fulfilling God’s plans for their child.
In all God’s plans, make plans for your life, and do not depart from it, then you will be well on your way. For the way you are to go is already prepared by Jesus Christ, he has denied it for you, Maranatha.

God’s protection, blessings and peace
Your Pastor Thorsten Thiem (Lionheart)

Devotion 2017-09-12

Shalom I wish you a blessed and victorious day, in the arms of Jesus. Arise out of your trouble and distress and take the victory for your life.

This may you gain Christ!

Philippians 3: 8-11
yes I count all things but loss for the excellency of surpassing knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost everything, and I count them but dung, that I may gain Christ
and be found in him, not having mine own righteousness - the from the law - have but that which [is achieved] through faith in Christ, the righteousness of God by faith,
to know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death,
if I might want to go to the resurrection from the dead.

These verses reveal the apostle’s heart and the essence is the Christian faith. was demanding Paul’s biggest, to know Christ and to experience his personal presence and support in a more intimate way. Nothing else in Paul’s life can be compared with this passionate serious request.

The fact is that everything else worthless “filth (dirt)” was compared to know Christ better.

very intimately and trusted to know route and you’re out then, Christ as a person, to understand his way, to experience his community to acquire and develop his character, as he is revealed in God’s Word his nature. True knowledge of Christ includes listening to God’s Word, to deal with his word, this also apply and experience. It is not only in listening to the Word, but in the acts of the word. Through you the word is to be alive, live, in all your life. You’re always living to 100% Christian, Christ does not mean to be a hobby, there is no pastime, but means to be a Christian, always 100%. It requires to follow the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit in faith and obedience. It means an identification with Jesus Christ character, his concerns and intentions for you. At Get the people to recognize who Jesus Christ is, is a reflection of God’s Word.

In Christ invented to be (Phil 3, 9) means to be united with Christ in such a way to experience all the blessings and benefits of his personality, power and promises (Phil 1, 10-11; 1 Cor 1, 30 ). Stretch yourself after that, your identity is completely wrapped in a relationship with Jesus, so that you recognize people you who is Jesus Christ.

Put yourself then from the power of his resurrection to know (Phil 3, 10), with respect to the supernatural power that Jesus raised from the dead (cf.. Rom 8, 11). That in your life and ministry the same spiritual renewing, lebensverwandelnde, miraculous, sin-breaking force acts (Rom 6: 4; Eph 2: 5-6).

To you also through self-denial of Christ’s suffering partakers, the old I to die and suffer for Christis sake. Christ shall profit you in shape and your old self is to lose weight. In your whole life to Jesus Christ should reflect.

Go into yourself and move those questions and find an answer for you.

Where do you stand?

Are you ready for it?

Pray that Jesus you there pick up where you are, put him out your life as a sacrifice.

Our father in Heaven!

Blessed be your name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.

Our daily bread Give us today.

And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom and the power

and the glory forever.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

Your Pastor Thorsten Thiem (Lionheart)

Devotion 2017-09-11

Shalom I wish you a blessed and successful day. Whatever you start, you should lead to the end and every step you should go to the other and be a blessing to you. You are a beloved child of God, give this love to people, so that they may know through you Jesus Christ!

Rejoice in the day of the Lord.

Revelation 3: 10
Because you have kept my word mine, which gives you the strength to persevere, I will also keep you in the hour of temptation that will come over the whole world to try the inhabitants of the earth.

The promise of Christ to keep his faithful followers in Philadelphia in the hour of temptation coincides with Paul’s promise to the Thessalonians that Jesus would save them “from the coming wrath” (1 Thess. 1:10). This promise applies to all faithful believers of God in all ages (Rev 13, 13, 22). Fidelity is an inevitable building block in a covenant; Here, too, fidelity speaks of necessity; without marriage a marriage will not last forever. For in unfaithfulness one hurts someone, so does God. How do many people actually feel that they do not have to be faithful to God in order to achieve the goal? God also demands unconditional faithfulness, you have made a covenant with God by giving him your life. Fidelity to God is shown by the fact that you avoid sin, so you show your love for him.

In the original Greek text, the term “preserve in” can mean either “prevent it” or “keep it”. For the church, both meanings are relevant. God will help you as a true believer to endure and overcome the difficulties and resistances you experience in the world, and he will save you in the end before the last “hour of temptation”.

This last hour is the time of God’s wrath and distress, which will come in the last years of this age over “the whole world,” just before Christ will set up His kingdom on earth (Rev. 5: 10; 6-19; , 4). This time of distress is characterized by God’s wrath, His rightful anger, and his just condemnation and punishment, upon the ungodly (Revelation 6-19, Isa 13: 6-13, 17, 4-11, Dan 9:27, 12, 1, Sach 14, 1-4, Mt 24, 9-31 ). But at this time of need and affliction, Satan’s brutal attack on the gods (ie, those who accept and follow Christ) are heard as a believer in this time of hunger, thirst, severe tempests (Rev 16, 16) and much suffering and tears (Rev. 9: 9-17, Dan 12: 10) (Mt 24: 15-21), you will suffer natural catastrophes, war, hunger and death with your siblings in the Lord, many will be tortured or killed for their faith in Christ (Rev 13: 7,14, 13) You will be vehemently attacked by Satan and his demonic powers (Rev 9: 3-5, 12, 12), hatred and violence of evil men, and persecution by the Antichrist (Rev 6: 9,12, Many who will be compelled to flee from their houses (Mt 24:19) Those who accept Christ in the time of tribulation, follow him, and die for him, are considered blessed, for “they Shall rest from their labors “(Rev 14:13).

Those before these terrible “days” (see Rev 2, 7, Luke 21, 36) are supervisors (that is, true followers of Christ) will save God from this time of severe distress. Probably, this will be done by the Rapture, as God’s faithful believers are taken from the earth into the air to Christ before God will unleash his wrath upon the world. This salvation is a reward for those who endure in devotion to Christ and live faithfully in the faith of God’s Word. This was the hope of the Christians in the New Testament and this is also the hope of all Christians of our day and should also be your hope. The Lord is coming again, so that His faithful followers will be forever together with Him. This is his plan, and so it will happen, on this you may always hope and look forward to this day. To the day of reward for all your suffering and distress.

As a believer of our time, you can only hope to escape all the things that will come over them in the end, if you remain faithful to Christ and His Word. This requires zealous prayer (Luke 21:36), lest you be deceived. In prayer, many things are revealed to you by the Holy Spirit, and you receive the strength you need, your temptations, threats, and temptations. You must always be vigilant against sin, and through prayer keep in constant communication with God so that your love for Christ will not fade, and your faith in him will remain strong. This is really the only way to “escape” all the terrible things that are coming in the world in the end time (1 Thess1, 10; Rev 3, 10).

The hope of this glorious and everlasting union is to be a consolation to all of them who want only one thing: “… to be with the Lord at all times. So consoling as each other with these words (1 Thess4: 17-18), Maranatha.

God’s protection, blessings and peace
Your Pastor Thorsten Thiem (Lionheart)

Devotion 2017-09-10

Shalom I wish you a blessed and loving day in the arms of Jesus Christ. Have joy in him and his word from the whole heart. Let yourself be purified by the water-bath of the Word, and stretch out for a holy life!

If you say, “I have no sin” Is not the truth with you!

1Johannes 1,8
When we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us;
But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous, forgiving us our sins, and cleansing us from all unrighteousness.

John uses here the noun “sin” (gr. Hamartia), i. Wrong, transgression against God, deviation from his standards, not the corresponding verb. From this it can be deduced that he does not place the emphasis primarily on godless behavior, but on the fact that sin basically belongs to the nature of man.

John would probably like to recite those who claim that sin is not a fundamental property of human nature, or that their misdeeds are not really sin. Such misconception still circulates today among the people. Sincerely, sin is not respected and even no longer perceived as sin, because it is simply integrated into the daily routine of the day. They would never deny their offenses as sin because they simply belong to them. If she were to stand as a sin, she would have to admit that it is wrong and that she is much to be proud of. This behavior is also often reflected in search patients, who also repeatedly claim they are not addicted, they can stop at any time. In Christian circles, the alcohol and smoking are also discreetly discusculated and portrayed as nothingness.

Some do not recognize sin as a fact or have a deterministic view of evil. The latter believe that sin is generated by biological, psychological or social factors and therefore we have no control over them. Consequently, a person does not really have a choice of who he is and what he does. This leads to the conclusion that no one is really responsible for his sinful behavior. So you can persist in your sin and be safe to the grace of God and be guiltless in your redemption. People with this erroneous view do not feel bound to God’s moral law, as long as they can only have faith and can rely on God’s grace.

What shall we say now? Shall we abide in sin so that the measure of grace may be full? That is distant! How should we, who have died of sin, still live in it? (Rom 6, 1-2). With this, Paul resolutely opposes such a distorted view of the grace of God by pointing to one of the most basic spiritual truths. This truth applies to all those who have been absolved by Christ, and says that the true believer is regarded as “in Christ” because they are “dead for God, but alive for God” (Rom 6:11). That is, you are liberated from the rule of sin. You are willing to be a servant of obedience “who leads to righteousness.” (Rom 6:16) As a true believer, you are “in Christ” because of your baptism in Christ and His death, so that your old life of sin is buried (Rom 6: 3) 7). Break with sin in order to be able to live completely for God and to obey him instead of the bad desires of sin (Rom 6:12). If men persist in sin, they show that they are not true believers (cf 1 John 3: 4-10).

As a believer, you must be aware that the sinful nature of man is extremely real and is a threat to your life. Through the power of the Holy Spirit which is within you, you must always bury your impious tendencies and fight against your sinful nature (see Rom 6:11, 8, 13). The spiritual conflict affects you as a whole human being, mind, body, and spirit. In this struggle it is a matter of whether you give in to your sinful desires, to be dominated by sin, or to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to remain under the authority and rule of Christ (Galatians 16: 4, 4-14). The battlefield of this struggle lies within you, and this conflict will continue your whole earthly life, since you are called to rule with Christ in the future (Rom 7: 7-25; 2 Tim 2: 12; Rev 12, 11). But by trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit and by following His guidance, you will overcome your sinful desires and win in the battle against sinful nature.

If you violate God and violate his standards, he is only willing to forgive you. After all, that is exactly why he sent his Son Jesus; That he may die for you and take the punishment upon himself. To be able to receive this forgiveness, however, you have to admit that you have walked your own ways and have defied God. Then you must surrender to the Lordship of Jesus and let your life be cleansed of him spiritually. God reacts to such humility and subordination according to his character, which is characterized by faithfulness (cf Ps143, 1) and willingness to surrender (cf Jer 31:34, Mi17, 18-20, Heb10, 22-23).

You can be sure that God will keep his promise by forgiving you and reconciling with you and freeing you from the destructive power of sin. God does this so that you may be holy, i. Morally pure, spiritually balanced, separated from evil, and given to God (Ps 32: 1-5) (Spr 28, 13; Jer 31: 34; Luke 15: 18; Rom 6: 2-14). Jesus Christ died for you on the cross, so that you may be free from sin, sickness and death, let this sacrifice be in vain, Maranatha.

God’s protection, blessings and peace
Your Pastor Thorsten Thiem (Lionheart)

Devotion 2017-09-09

Shalom I wish you a blessed and loving day. A day full of peace and love, be a torch bearer of love and peace. The Agape love and peace that Jesus Christ gives is to reach people!

Support yourself!

Jude 1, 20
But you, beloved ones, rely on your most holy faith, pray in the Holy Spirit

As a true believer, you must defend and spread your Christian faith by defending heresies on four meadows:

(1) By relying on your “Most Holy Faith”. This Most Holy Faith is the revelation of the New Testament, which was passed on to Christ by His first disciples, and is now preserved for you in God’s Word (Jud 1, 3). The Word of God always gives you the right help in every place and in every life situation. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and in all eternity (Heb 13: 8), the Word has never changed and will never change. Explain in depth the Word of God, and make every effort to apply the teachings of the Bible to your life (cf Acts 2: 42, 20, 27, 2 Tim 15:15, Heb 5: 12). Examine your whole action, thinking, willing, and feeling by the hand of the Word of God. Let us purify you with the water-bath of the Word (Eph 5, 26), that your whole action, thought, will, and feeling are penetrated. The will of God, shall be to your will so that you may be victorious in your chosen way. Be a living testimony to Jesus Christ by living the Word of God.

(2) By praying in the Spirit. Stay in communication with God with the help of the power of the Holy Spirit. This means that you orient yourself to the spirit that inspires, guides, affirms, receives and helps to pray according to the will of God (see John 5, 14). In addition, the Holy Spirit helps to lead an effective spiritual struggle when praying (see Rom 8:16) (see Gal4, 6, Eph6, 18). To pray in the mind is to pray with both your mind (that is, your own language and your own understanding), as well as with your mind (see 1 Cor. 14:15). Always be guided and guided in prayer, you do not show what you should pray? The Holy Spirit will give you your words that you should pray.

(3) By remaining under the care and influence of the love of God. This includes faithful obedience to God and His Word (John 15: 9-10; 1 John 5, 3). You can only answer the love of Christ by faithfully keeping his commandments. It was his love, through which you were saved and a personal relationship with Christ. If you are obedient, it is a major part of this relationship being cultivated and you are also fulfilling the plan of God for your life. Obedience and love always belong together in your relationship with God (see 1 John 2: 5, 5, 2-3). True Christian love comes from your love for God (see Mk 12, 30) and obedience to His commandments (cf 1 JOHN 2, 3, 3, 23, Joh 15, 10) and expresses itself in unselfish love for others, the second most important commandment (See Mt22, 39-49). Say love bur for others is the proof of true love for God.

(4) By longing for the return of Jesus, and by setting up your life in the eternal glory that signalizes its coming. Jesus says to you in John 14: 2: In the house of my father are many dwellings; If it were not so, I would have said, I am going to prepare you a place). In the house of my father, this expression is without a doubt meant the heaven, the place to which Jesus would return, in order to prepare everything there for his followers (Matthew 6: 9) (cf Ps 33: 13-14; The eternal home with God has many “rooms” (meaning “permanent” apartments “). The “householders of God” who are now on earth (Eph 2, 19) will one day enter the eternal home with God, “for we have no permanent city, but we seek the future” (Heb 13:14).

Defend your faith at all times and in every place. Leaves you courage, are you afraid to confess and defend your faith from the people of the world, because you do not know what to say? Be assured, God is always and everywhere by the Holy Spirit for you, you are never alone, he gives you the word what you are to say. If God is for you, who shall be against you? Through him you are victors in everything, there is nothing you can not create, Maranatha.

God’s protection, blessings and peace
Your Pastor Thorsten Thiem (Lionheart)

Devotion 2017-09-08

Shalom I wish you a blessed and loving day. Treat all people the way you want to be treated. As long as you hold peace with everyone, love your next as yourself!

The kingdom of Jesus is not of this world!

John 18: 36-37
Jesus answered, "My kingdom is not of this world; If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have fought, that I should not be surrendered to the Jews; But now my kingdom is not from here.
And Pilate said unto him, Thus are you a king? Jesus answered, "You say it; I am a king. I was born and born into the world, to bear witness to the truth; Every one who is of the truth hears my voice.

When it comes to the true nature and the destiny of the kingdom of Christ, we should note three points:

1. What the Kingdom of God is not:
The kingdom of Jesus “is not of this world”. It does not have its origin in this system of our world and it should not take over the world domination. Jesus did not come to establish a political worship (that is, to form a government that represents a particular religious direction or a particular image of God), and did not want to be the dominion of the world. Jesus said that if he had come to establish a political empire on earth, “my servants would fight for it.” Then, as his successors, we would all be armed to the teeth, and would establish a dominion. We should also be victorious, for God is with us, who is to be against us. Since this does not correspond to the essence of his kingdom, it does not resort to military power, nor does it induce any revolution to advance Christ’s work on earth (cf. Mt 26, 51-52). They do not ally themselves with political parties, social interest groups or any secular organizations to build the kingdom of God on earth and pursue its goal. They refuse to use the power which is at their disposal by the victory of Jesus on the cross (that is, the message of Christ) in a presumptuous manner to indicate the tone in society. As successors of Jesus, you have no secular weapons (2 Cor. 10: 4), but only spiritual weapons (Eph. 6: 10-18). This does not mean that you as a Christian should not engage in politics or in the social field. It is still your responsibility as a Christian to represent God’s claim for justice and peace and to act against lawlessness. Christians should use their wise words and an honest life to draw their attention to those responsible in politics and society to their moral obligations to God.

2. What is the Kingdom of God:
The kingdom of Christ has in the lives of the people who accept him and his word, power, authority, includes goals and spiritual action (Jn 18:37). The kingdom of God is about “justice, peace, love and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Rom 14:17); All these inner, spiritual features affect your outward visible attitudes and actions. The kingdom of Christ is active in the active struggle against the spiritual powers of Satan, using spiritual weapons (see Mt 12,28 Lk11,20) (Acts 26:18, Eph6,12). The Church (the world as well as the local community of the followers of Christ) does not play a ruling role in our world but is a servant of Jesus Christ. The strength of the church is not secular power, but the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross and his offered salvation. If, as a child of God, you are suffering from rejection and persecution as a child of God in the world, then it should really be an honor for you because you experience the same as Christ (2 Cor.3, 7-18). The New Testament community experienced the power of God only when it rejected the power of the world. You as the successor of Christ in this day, stand in your life before the same choice. Only when you lose your own life in the world (that is, to put aside all selfish interests and make yourself available to God), you will be able to live your real destiny.

3. What will be the kingdom of God:
In the future kingdom of Christ, he will exercise his rule and government in the new heaven and on the new earth. This will happen after he has returned to the earth to judge the nations. Then he will prepare Satan for his final end in the lake of fire (Rev.19, 11-20, 15).

An essential part of the mission of Jesus on earth was to testify to the truth and to point out people to it. This truth involves the fact that he is God in human form and that he came to save men by making them re-enter into relationship with God. This gospel of truth (that is, the “good news” of forgiveness and a new life by which faith in Christ is made) is held in Scripture (that is, the written Word of God, the Bible) that reveals the truth of God to mankind.

When pastors spread or support false doctrines, tolerate an unbiblical lifestyle, engage in meaningless quarrels, and try to please people with their message, they are compromising on the truth, and the truth is hard to see. Because these unfaithful spiritual leaders, and those who follow their example, no longer teach what is right, wrong, or true and untrue, they at the same time reject what Christ has come to, and lead and lead so many people astray.

You can never sacrifice the truth (for Joh 17: 8; 2 Thess 2:10), because many people still ask, just as Pilate did then, “What is the truth?” (John 18:39). It is important that they hear the truth of convinced Christians, in whose life this truth is also visible. Live the truth of the Gospel in your life and do not just talk. You are tested by your people’s words in the world. Your words and deeds must always be in harmony, Maranatha.

God’s protection, blessings and peace
Your Pastor Thorsten Thiem (Lionheart)

Devotion 2017-09-07

Shalom I wish you a blessed and successful day. All you want to start is to be blessed and succeed. Be a testimony of Jesus Christ in this world, let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you.

Romans 8:14
For all who are guided by the Spirit of God are God's children.

The Holy Spirit lives in all the true children of God and drives you to align your thoughts, words, and deeds with the standard and model of the Word of God.

Its guidance comes primarily through an internal impulse, i. An urge, a motivation and inspiration in your mind that aims to guide you in the right direction in your Christian everyday life. He will show you God’s way for your life, always stretch you according to His guidance and guidance, for He will lead you right.

Such inner impulses help you to pursue God’s ends and overcome your sinful nature (Rom. 12:13, Phil. 2:13). He will always make you aware of every sinful temptation, so that you can omit her, whereby of course you can always decide for yourself which way you go. He will also give you the strength to overcome sin if you want to overcome it. These impulses from the Holy Spirit are always in harmony with the written Word of God (1 Cor., 12-13; cf. 2 Peter 1: 20-21), you never get an impulse against the will of God, always examine it in the Word of God Word of God from the Holy Spirit, which hitherto lay hidden for you.

They give direction in your life, you will never lose your orientation because God never leaves you in the dark, he is the best navigation device ever. Follow the divine navigational device, so you will save yourself a lot of painful detours in your life, because many of the honorary rounds in your life you only turn because you have not listened to the divine navigation device. The impulses of the Holy Spirit help you overcome your sinful desires, which you can never overcome from yourself (Gal5, 117-18, 1Petr2, 11). When desires try to seduce you, call on the Holy Spirit for help, you will always receive help. God always gives you the will and the success (Phil 2, 13), you are never alone, God never leaves you alone with a task.

The impulses of the Holy Spirit echoed you to preserve your devotion to Christ and warn you not to fall from faith in Him (Rom8: 13; Heb 3: 7-14). Never boast that you stand, but be careful not to fall, for Satan runs around like a roaring lion and seeks when he can devour (1 Peter 5, 8).

These impulses become weaker, the longer they are disregarded, or obeyed (Rom 1: 28, Eph 4, 17-19, 30-31, 1 Thess5, 19), their rejection leads to spiritual death (Romans 6: 13-13) Lead to spiritual life and peace when they are obeyed (Rom. 6: 10-11, 13, Gal. 5, 22-23). Listen always and everywhere to the impulses of the Holy Spirit, for they will lead you right, trust in them. Learn to listen to them, learning by doing. They help you to remain humble and protect yourself from the illustrious arrogance that comes before the fall. You will become more and more secure in dealing with the impulses of the Holy Spirit, your trust will grow ever greater. You will also learn to go the ways you do not want to go because you have other plans, they will help you make God plans to your plans.

The impulses of the Holy Spirit can come by reading God’s Word (Joh 14:26, 15, 7, 26, 16, 13, 2 Tim 3, 16-17), they are closing up to you; They come by regular and passionate prayer, if you listen to good sermons and doctrines (2Tim4, 1-2, Hebr13, 7, 17). They come by regular exercise of the spiritual gifts which God has given to you (1Cor.12, 7-10, 14, 6) and by taking into consideration the advice of Christian parents and trustworthy spiritual leaders (Eph6: 1; Kol3, 20).

Become a supervisor, the impulses of the Holy Spirit will help you. Trust in the guidance and guidance of the Holy Spirit, he will lead you right, Maranatha.

God’s protection, blessings and peace
Your Pastor Thorsten Wurm (Lionheart)

Devotion 2017-09-06

Shalom I wish you a blessed and reflective Tag. Enjoy peace and peace in the Lord, listen to what he has to tell you. Leave your works and rest yourselves and fill new strength in the heavenly gas station!

Without blood shed no forgiveness!

Hebrews 9:22
And almost everything is purified according to the law with blood, and without forgiveness is no forgiveness.

Sin, resistance, rebellion, and rebellion against God and his commandments, signifies that it is in a radical contradiction to the perfect character of God that it brings the ultimate punishment: death and separation from God (see Romans 6, 23; Isa 59: 2). Always strive for a holy life-change, for only in holiness is life, in sin is always death.
Forgiveness can only be granted at the price of life (cf. Lev. 17, 11). But incomplete sacrifices could never remove sin and guilt in the long run (Heb 10: 4). Even your own life is not enough to pay the full price, because death is only the deserved punishment for your own rebellion against God. Only God himself could offer a sacrifice sufficient for his perfect righteousness, and paid the punishment for sin once and for all (Hebr7, 27, 9, 12, 29, 10, 10, 1 Peter 3, 18). Through the willing sacrifice of his Son Jesus Christ, God provided this salvation (Rom 3: 25). You must and can not buy righteousness, no good work will make you righteous.

Hebrews 9:12
Not by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood, entered into the sanctuary once for all, and has invented an eternal redemption.

Jesus willingly sacrificed his own perfect and sinless life (cf 1 Cor. 7, Eph. 5: 2). Without being perfect and his sinlessness his sacrifice would have been pointless. For only his perfection and sinlessness make him a worthy sacrifice. His perfection and sinlessness wash thee pure from thy sin. None other than Jesus Christ could have made this sacrifice. There is no one else who can free you from your guilt, he has loaded your guilt so that you can be free.

Jesus did not die for himself, but for your sake (Romans 8: 8, 32, Mk 10, 45, Eph 5, 2), he would not have died by himself, for he was pure from the beginning, he was without sin, Why should he sacrifice himself? As a substitute for you, Christ has taken death as a punishment for your sins. Death is the just reward for sin. Death is exactly what you deserve for your offenses against God. You can never earn eternal life. It is an unwavering grace of God, a gift which you can simply accept by faith in Jesus Christ (Rom 4: 4-5). If you affirm that Jesus gave his life as a punishment for your sins, and then turn away from your sin, to give you guidance to Jesus, you receive the gift of forgiveness and eternal life. Then you have the opportunity to get to know him (John 17: 3) and be with him forever.

Christ’s death for you has filled God’s absolute righteousness and moral order which imposed a punishment for your sins and a price for your offenses against him. Christ’s sacrifice has completely cleansed this punishment, and has thereby turned away the wrath of God (that is, his justified anger and punishment) from all who confess their sins, turn away from them, accept Christ’s forgiveness, and trust him in their lives. Through Christ’s blood, God’s holiness was preserved; Now he was able to reveal to you his grace (that is, his unwavering favor) and love (cf. Joh 3, 16). God “himself has devised this plan, not because he owed you something, but because of his love and his mercy for you. “God was in Christ and reconciled the world with him” (2Cor5, 19, cf. Joh3, 16; Rom 5: 8, 8, 3. 32, 1Cor8, 6, Eph4, 4-6). Never forget, everything is pure grace, always keep your gratitude and live in the freedom of God, for where the Spirit of God is, there is freedom. Always keep this freedom, because Jesus died on the cross.

Jesus’ perfect sacrifice not only paid the full price for your sins, but also obliterated the guilt of all who accept his forgiveness and follow him. Christ makes it appear as if you have never violated God. Through Christ’s death, the power of sin, which separated you and all men from God, was broken when you surrendered to Him completely. Jesus Christ wants your whole heart, he wants to work in your whole life and help you. His death was absolutely effective, Christ’s atoning death (ie, sins covering forgiveness of death) has the power to bring you back into a right relationship with him when you put your faith on him. Through his death on the cross, Christ has successfully fought against the power of sin, Satan, and his demonic powers, who once captured all mankind. His death was the beginning of the victory over the spiritual enemies of God and mankind (Romans 8: 3, Joh 12: 31-32, Col. 2, 15).

Jesus’ death paid the ransom (1 Peter 1: 18-19), to God, not to Satan. As a result, Jesus frees you and all men from sin (Rom 6: 6), from death (2 Tim 1: 10, 1 Cor. 5: 54-57), from Satan (Abg10, 38). Christ’s victory enables you to serve God (Rom 6:18).

Potentially, all these consequences of the sacrificial death of Christ are available to every human being. However, they are effective only in people who, through the faith of Jesus, accept sacrifices for themselves and show their devotion by surrendering to their intentions for their lives. God wants all people to be saved and come to the realization of the truth (1 Tim 2, 4)
Go into the world and preach the gospel of all creation (Mk16, 15)! Maranatha.

God’s protection, blessings and peace
Your Pastor Thorsten Thiem (Lionheart)


Devotion 2017-09-05

Shalom I wish you a blessed and loving day. Love thy neighbor as thyself, be ever for him. Look for a man today and deliberately do something good for him!

The revealed glory!

Ezekiel 10.4
Then the glory of the LORD rose from the cherub to the threshold of the house, so that the temple was filled with the cloud, and became the atrium of the glory of the Lord.

The expression “the glory of God” is used differently in the Bible. Sometimes the greatness of God (that is, the splendid appearance), his splendor and majesty are described (1 Chronicles 11, Hab. 3-5). But no human language can express the indescribable glory of God exhaustively, there are not enough words to express its glory. It is so grand and supernatural that every human being exposed to it must die, Face to face (see Ex 33, 18-23). You can only look at the “appearance of the glory of the Lord,” cf Ezekiel’s vision of God’s throne, Ez.1, 26-28. The glory of God reveals to you its uniqueness and holiness (ie, purity, perfection and complete separation from evil, cf. Isaiah 6: 1-3) in all its fullness as well as its sublime (ie the fact that it is different, completely independent and in every respect Greater than all that He hath created, cf Romans 11:36, Hebrews 13:21 Peter refers to God as the “sublime glory” (2 Peter 1: 17).

He the creative and gracious God in all his majesty and glory, he the king of kings, no one ever equals him. Praise and praise his marvelous name, lift up your praise, lift the banner of God over your land, and praise him with tambourine and flags. Express your gratitude with praises, which you can not express with words, express in dance and with flags. Take the land for your king, lift up his name forever.

The glory of God can also refer to the visible presence of God within His people. This is the so-called “Shekinah” glory. Shekinah is Hebrew and means “dwelling of God”. The expression is used to describe the visible appearance of the presence and glory of God. Moses and the Israelites saw a form of the Shekinah glory of God in the form of the cloud and fire column, through which they were led day and night (Ex. 13:21). In Exodus 29:43, God speaks of “my glory”, when he means his presence in the tent of meeting (the place of worship) (cf Isa 60: 2). The Shekinah covered Mount Sinai when God gave Moses his law (see Ex 24, 16-17); She filled the tent of the meeting when it was finished (Ex 40, 34); She led Israel in the wilderness (Ex 40: 36-38) and later filled the temple of Solomon at the Weiheremonie (2Chr7, 1; 1Kön8, 11-13). More precisely, God made his presence over the Kerubim (angelic figures on the covenant) to dwell in the most holy of the temple (1Sam4 4; 2Sam6, 2; Ps80, 2).

When Isaiah spoke of the coming of Jesus Christ, he prophesied that the glory of God would be manifested in him, and indeed visible to all men (Isa 40: 5). Both John (John 14) and the scribe of the Epistle to the Hebrews (Heb 1: 3) testify that this prophecy has been fulfilled with Jesus Christ.

The glory of God is also described in the Bible as His Holy Presence and Power. It becomes equally visible in the effects that its presence and power has on the world and on the life of an individual. Even though Heaven is “narrating” (ie, revealing, proving) the glory of God (Ps 19: 2, cf Romans 1: 19-20), and the earth is full of glory (Isa 6: 3; cf Hab 2, 14) Its greatness and majesty are still revealed in its fullness. That is why people often do not recognize the greatness of God and take his presence as something self-evident.

As a successor of Christ, however, you are experiencing the glory of God and His presence in many ways: through His nearness, guidance, love, strength, wisdom, through prayer and spiritual gifts (the divine faculties) and through the supernatural action of His Holy Spirit . Many things happen in your life, by knowing the glory of God. He sits down again and again for you, never leaves you alone, he is always with you. He glorifies through you and your life when you follow his guidance and guidance.

The glory of Christ was the same glory that he had with his Father, that is, God had before the world was (John 1:14, 17, 5). The glory of his ministry is much greater than the glory of any other service in the Old Testament (2 Cor.3, 7-11). Paul calls Jesus the “Lord of glory” (1Cor 2, 8) and James calls him “Jesus Christ the glorified” (James 2: 1).

In the New Testament, the relationship and the inseparable link between Jesus Christ and the glory of God are repeatedly pointed out. The miracles of Jesus revealed the glory of God (John 11: 11, 40-44). When Jesus was surrounded by a “light cloud” (see Mt17, 5), his glorious glory became visible. God the Father confirmed this event by speaking words that were heard and understood by the disciples. With this he honored his son Jesus (cf 2 Peter 1, 16-19). Christ himself spoke of his approaching death as the beginning of glorification (Jn 12: 23-24) (cf 17: 2-5). After his resurrection Jesus went to heaven in glory (cf Acts 1: 9, 1 Tim 13:16). Now Christ is exalted in glory (Rev 5: 12-13), and one day we will see him coming “on the clouds of heaven with great power and glory” (Mt 24:30; 17).

As the successor of Jesus in the present day, you experience the presence of God through the power and action of the Holy Spirit, which brings you into the presence of God and the Lord Jesus (2 Cor.3, 17; 1 Peter 4, 14). When the Holy Spirit works powerfully in his church (1Cor.12, 1-2), you experience the glory of God in a way that no one can deny.

When you have accepted Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for your sins, given Him your life, and placed under His guidance, you are united with Him by His Spirit, and share in His glory. Peter even says that if you are brave in Christ, you suffer from attacks because you believe in him: “… the glory of the Spirit of God rests upon you (1 Peter 4, 14). Jesus also came into the world to reveal His glory to you (Lk2, 29-32). You, as followers of Jesus, will be to honor God with all your life, so that he may be honored and glorified in and through you (Mar 11, 31, 2 Cor.3, 18), Maranatha.

God’s protection, blessings and peace
Your Pastor Thorsten Thiem (Lionheart)