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a comforting word …

a word of comfort for those who are weak

A wounded worshiper becomes a great warrior for HIS KINGDOM

True worship is not just singing songs or playing an instrument for the glory of our Lord and savior. It is much more…how do we act (not feel) when the enemy attacks us, when we are sick… when our life is not perfect in the eyes of man, when your faith and patience is tested, when you are tempted to sin or have no hope at all that things will change for better in your situation. The life of Job or the Apostle Paul are examples of true worship in times of great despair and weakness. The willingness to suffer for the higher calling – becoming a doer of the word is always the greatest threat for the kingdom of darkness.

May the Lord grant us faith in action and may our wounds whether they are physical or emotional be healed so you and I are enabled to bring comfort, love and mercy to the people around us.